Stone Chisel Guide: Choosing the Best Rock Chisels in 2021

Stone ChiselStone chisel is hit with heavier type of hammer to increase the force, so it is to be tough and heavy. For example, a rock chisel for demolition work is typically used with a hammer weighing three pounds or more.

You can also find brick bolsters with a wide and flat blade that are used for cutting. Sculptors work with a bent spoon chisels with the bevel on both sides, etc.

In our post we’ll discuss the most common chisel types to help you make an informed decision and find the best tool for your project.

Stone Chisel: What is it Made of?

rock breaker chisel
Finder 12-Inch Flat Chisel – rock breaker chisel with bi-material hand guard

Common steel the industry uses for stone chisels is shallow hardening alloys with a high amount of carbon. The rock chisel should be hardened, and a temper is drawn from the center to the ends. Thicker tools are made softer than ones with thinner shanks. Over time, the top of the chisel begin to mushroom. Remove flared metal with a grinder, or they may fly off and cause injury.

Chisels for large scale stone removal are often made of chrome vanadium steel. And tools with a softer shaft in my practice work the best by far. The shafts on fully hardened chisels would split quickly.

Good example of reliable tool is an treated chrome-vanadium Finder chisel. The handguard of the tool protects the hand from overstrike, but it is not very tough. It may break after several hard hits. Nevertheless we recommend to buy the product for the indestructible chisel and take into account that you  can always buy or make your own guard.

For fine carving work, sculptors use Mn Alloy Steel chisels with asymmetrically ground edges or even tungsten carbide tipped ones. Carbide tools are very brittle. But they are very hard and keep the cutting edge sharp for a long time. It is very important if you are working hard stone.

rock chisel
Rock chisel for carving usually a lot smaller like you see here in CSLU 11pcs Set

Choosing the Best Rock Chisel for Your Project

If you work with stone a lot, you’d be fine with a range of cold chisel sizes.  Bigger rock chisels for the bigger cobblestone, smaller – for breaking stone down a bit further. My advice is to get chisels with hand guards; There is nothing more frustrating than hitting your wrist or hand with a hammer!

chisel for breaking rock.jpg
Cold chisel set for breaking rock – Mayhew Pro

Masonry chisels will work fine for some types of rock. The hardened “cold”  chisels are tougher and come in all sizes too. You will definitely find a use for a several small cold chisels and they will cost for about $10 each.

Choosing Rock Hammer and Chisel Set

The handle and the head of the rock hammer is all one piece of steel. The head has an end that looks more like a pick and another side is for striking. One piece construction helps to deal with the amount of force to break the rocks and withstand heavy load. Hammers with polymer shock-absorbing grips are much more comfortable than leather ones. Some of these “rubber” type handles are durable and may last decades. Don’t use common carpenter hammers because they aren’t designed for pounding against steel chisel or rock and sometimes they spall shards or shatter.

rock hammer and chisel
Rock hammer and chisel set – Rockhounding Geology Tools Musette Bag

I believe the Estwing hammer and the chisels you personally choose are the best bet on rock hammer and chisel set. And in my humble opinion, a crack hammer is a tool you should always have in your inventory. With it you’ll be able to split small rocks and work larger boulders with a chisel.

The crack hammer will last forever, but the pick end wear out or even may break off. All you will need is to re-sharpen the end and eventually buy a new one. The only con is that the hammer hasn’t enough weight really get much work done on their own.

best rock hammer
Estwing Rock Pick – best rock hammer in my opinion

Estwing is the best choice of prospectors, rockhounds and contractors – longest lasting striking tools available. This is a great and tough tool, it feels good in the hand, has a great balance and nice grip. Yes, Estwing cost a little more, but it worth every penny.


Choosing the stone chisel depends on the type and size of rock you are working and what your goals are.

If you are a professional, the only choice is to buy high quality tools from known brand. Low quality chisels become dull quick, their back ends flare easily. Cheap noname hammers comes with a tube handle that bend after several missed hits, the rubber handle come loose, etc.

Nevertheless, a novice or occasional master should think about choosing a cheap set of chisels and more or less reliable hammer. Yes, they won’t last long, but you’ll find out sizes and types you really need and will replace it with a high-quality tool later.

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Best Tool Belt Suspenders Buying Guide – Top Suspenders Reviews

Even the best tool belt suspenders are pretty cheap and I think you will do yourself a great favor if you buy them. I often see my colleagues with, for example, occidental framers, who constantly either hitching the belt up or tight it too much. So the suspenders are a very convenient thing and in this post I will share my thoughts on this topic.

Why do you need them

Everyone can wear a nearly empty tool belt, but after adding a few bulky tools and a box of screws, it becomes uncomfortable. Sooner or later you’ll get to the point where your hips begin to ache while walking because the rig is slung so low.

Furthermore, some time ago I read in the NEJoM that tight belts and pants can really do some damage to your body over time. In my experience, buying work pants one size larger and using suspenders reduces the fatigue and helps to work with more comfort. My leg pain went away once I started wearing the belt and although It took a while to get used to suspenders, now I don’t even notice them anymore.

Best Leather Tool Belt Suspenders

The leather suspenders weighs more, but they are much more tough and reliable. They also may cost more but if you use your belt more often than any other tool, it is a good investment.

leather tool belt suspenders
Occidental 5009 Leather Tool Belt Suspenders

The leather breathes (and I love the smell) better than nylon, wide nylon belt and suspenders leave a wide sweat stain around my waist and back. They can get a little tight in small closets but when you’ll become used to them, you’ll be able to slide through a 2-0 door without an issue. The pouch with the phone attached to the suspenders is really handy, and gives an extra.

Leather is the way to go for sure. Most known leather suspenders are the Occidentals, and they are just super heavy duty ones. Of course, you can find a different brand, but the Oxy quality is one of the best.

Occidental 5009 suspenders will fit any big dude, but still they are highly adjustable. If you are not so tall, all you need is make additional holes in the straps. The shoulder pads are wide and comfortable. The leather is good quality and made for actual work. The only downside is that in the first months they get the shirts dirty, especially in summer. Nevertheless, just buy the Oxy and you will never regret it!

Dewalt tool belt suspenders

Dewalt tool belt suspenders
Dewalt Tool Belt Suspenders – DG5132 Tool Apron With Padded Shoulders

Dewalt tool belt suspenders are more comfortable than the normal ones from not so known brand. They are also nice because of the built in cell phone pocket

The suspenders are 2.5 times cheaper than Oxys and much lighter and softer. Instead the loops it has wide velcro wrap around the belt. In this way you can also use them to support your loose pants by looping the straps tool and pants belts. The velcros won’t rust, and the padded shoulder straps are comfortable for long wear doing hard work.

Dewalts are not as heavy as Oxys. These are actually medium to light suspenders for users with lightweight rigs. The product won’t last as long as leather models, but it can be ideal for occasional DIY use.

Milwaukee tool belt suspenders

Milwaukee tool belt suspenders
Milwaukee tool belt suspenders – 48-22-8145 Padded Rig

Milwaukee padded rig is a nylon product, a little more expensive than Dewalt. The suspenders come in two sides: 48-22-8145, regular, fits users up to 6’2″ (in fact, up to 5’8″); and 48-22-8146, XL, fits users up to 6’8″.

The phone holder is very small and can’t be used with modern smartphone. Belt clasps are made of metal and decently constructed. They holds a heavy tool belt very well and it doesn’t slide off. The suspenders are durable, very comfortable on the shoulders and the overall quality is good.

The only (but serious) con is the size. The rig is not designed for taller folks. Regular size is too short for 6’2″, the rear straps are a bit short. If you are 5’8″ or taller, choose XL size.

Overall, if you choose the right size, the Milwaukee is a good product. It is durable and convenient, made of 1680 Denier Nylon and all metal hardware. Good choice for those who look for soft and lightweight suspenders.

Occidental tool belt suspenders

Oxy tool belt suspenders are one of the most trustworthy products, they are heavy-duty, reliable and look great, but they are pricey. And not all local stores carry them so you could really try them on.

In my practice, everyone who bought Occidental leather products notes their high quality and reliability. Most guys love them.

Occidental tool belt suspenders
Best Occidental Tool belt suspenders – 5055 Stronghold Suspension System

Occidental Leather 5055 Stronghold  suspenders are one of the best products by the brand. These suspenders look good and will easily last more than 5 years of everyday use.  Of course, they work the best with Oxy belt. The loops on it are made of steel and the hooks on the suspenders are die cast zinc.

Occidental suspenders are comfortable and really help wearing a heavy belt all day. The leather, nylon, hardware and padding are all high quality and durable. The straps and cushions distribute the weight very evenly between the shoulders and hips so when raising your arms, you didn’t feel any any discomfort on the shoulders.

Once again, suspenders come with amazing customer service. If after several years tough use the metal clips will worn enough to broke, the company will send you new clips with rivets for free.

If you look for product that will need your professional everyday needs, buy Occidental and you’ll see why they it is so popular.


My friends say they use suspenders because their butts are too small. I have plenty of butt, but I also have plenty of belly, too 🙂

So for me, having the tool belt suspenders are no-brainer, they keep the belt up where I want it. The only downside I see is that if one bag has a heavy tool in it, the suspender strap just pulls down and the other side lifts up. But again, this is MUCH better than a slipping belt.

Best quiet air compressor: silent airbrush and portable compressors review

Air compressor is an important appliance for saving time, reducing fatigue and providing more professional results with pneumatic tool. It is also an essential instrument for a wide range of tasks from automotive repairs to carpentry and crafts. And when choosing a compressor, everyone takes into account its performance and pressure, however, noise levels are often an underestimated issue. For example, Briggs & Stratton 8 Gallon compressor makes around 90 db at roughly 3′ distance. It will definitely cause a headache if you cannot locate the device remotely. In our post, we will help you to choose the best quiet air compressor to help you stay healthy and productive.

Quiet Airbrush Compressor

Good example of oil free seriously quiet airbrush compressor which works well for daily use is an Iwata-Medea Smart Jet Pro. It is it very quiet and satisfactory for use with a regular airbrush.

Quiet airbrush compressor
Iwata-Medea Smart Jet Pro – Quiet airbrush compressor

The Iwata comes with an airbrush hose in it, approx 6 ft, but it’s pretty thin one. It is almost silent air compressor, one of the most quietest units. The max pressure is around 40-42 psi. The Smart Jet Pro works really good with an airbrush needle of 0.2-0.3. If you need to lower the pressure, this tool has a true regulator without loosing the auto-shutoff functionality. The motor works about 30 seconds then the tank becomes filled up and the compressor shuts off.

Quiet Portable Air Compressor

If you often use an with a larger needle for faster and better coverage and with a gun, a SmartJet will struggle. More powerful California Air Tools compressor that is also advertised as silent airbrush compressor (but in fact, it is “quiet” enough only in comparison to a large industrial compressor). The unit handles an airbrush quite well and a paint gun with higher load (it runs a lot more of the time).

A compressor with a larger air tank is also handy for a lot of airbrushing. A more powerful motor may be louder, but when it reaches pressure, the compressor shuts down.

silent airbrush compressor
Bigger silent airbrush compressor – California Air Tools Quiet 1.0 HP Air Compressor

Therefore, if you are going to move to something larger in the paint gun category, choose a compressor with more horsepower and be ready to stand the noise. If not, the California Air Tools or Iwata may be fine.

Small Quiet Air Compressor

California Air units are pretty quiet, but they are not silent. If you need a really small quiet air compressor, my advice is to purchase a Rolair JC10, it is shockingly quiet machine. This compressor is an excellent addition for drying out parts and blowing dust.  And it is quiet enough that you can talk over it without raising your voice.

Small Quiet Air Compressor
Rolair JC10 Plus 2.5 Gal – small quiet air compressor

The Rolair JC10 Plus is very quiet compressor to begin with, and having it  under the desk makes it even quieter. The frame is equipped with rubber feet and the unit also is rubber mounted to the frame. This design reduces vibration transfer to the floor. It is very important if your floor is in house.

The compressor comes up to about 100 psi (full pressure) in about 80 seconds and recharges the tank in a few seconds when using a nailer.

How to Make Air Compressor Quieter

In high pressure compressors the intake is a source of noise. I assume you can quite down the machine by putting some kind of a silencer or baffle system on the intake and it will help out a lot.

Air Compressor Silencer Boxes

When choosing silencer box, make sure it does not restrict air flow. I recommend do not put the silencer on the intake if that has any orifice smaller that the intake you already have.

In other words if you have a 3/8NPTM threaded end, using 1/4″ will restrict the flow by the inlet hole. Since you only have atmospheric pressure on the inlet, resulted pressure differential will decrease your efficiency. Bottom line make sure both the inlet and outlet sizes of the silencer should be the same or larger than the g’zin on your compressors head.

Industrial Air Compressor Silencer

Industrial air compressor silencers improve the filtering and reduce intake noise simultaneously. The difference in noise with a good silencer is very noticeable. You can expect a 3 or 4 db reduction in noise.

 Industrial Air Compressor Silencer.jpg
Solberg Industrial Air Compressor Silencer

For example, I’ve used the Solberg compressor silencer after the upgrade to to 80 gallon compressor. It works like a charm, and the machine is a little quieter and deeper tone. Solberg filters are good quality and they are a more common size and cheaper than the smaller OEM filters used before, so it should pay for itself in the long run.

DIY compressor Intake Silencer

You can make simple DIY silencer with 1 gal can, PVC connectors, hose and loose polyester pillow fill for about $3.50. Pack the fill relatively light in the can, make holes at the bottom of the can and attach the connector to the cover. If there are no discernable restriction when you breath through the system, the compressor will work fine

 Air Compressor Intake Silencer DIY
Air Compressor Intake Silencer DIY

You could also make a muffler for the air compressor which would make it really quiet. The materials are quite inexpensive:

  • Pipe, the size is as an air compressor port – about 15″ long
  • Exhaust pipe, the same length
  • Washers, made that they will fit around the air compressor port pipe and fit inside the exhaust pipe
  • Steel wool, a drill and a welding machine

You can make a silencer similar to the gun mufflers, there are a lot of drawings of them, if you don’t imagine the design. If you make it right, your air compressor will be quiet and you will almost not even know it is running.

Remember, that after building a muffler you have to equip it with a filter. Otherwise, dust, rust flakes from the inside of the silencer, and the occasional giant mosquito are going to get into compression chamber and the life span of the pump will suffer.


Besides compressor design, the tank size directly affects output. If the tank size is big enough, your compressor will run as little as possible and you won’t listen the run most of the time. With a 80 gallon tank I sometimes forget to turn my compressor on and use impacts or blow stuff off with stored for a few hours before I realize I didn’t turn the device on.

Best Table Saw for Beginners: Tips for Beginner Woodworker [2021]

My grandfather was a carpenter and taught me all I know about woodworking. When I got a room for a workshop, the table saw was one of my first purchases. Choosing tools is a common challenge for beginner woodworker and in this post I will share with you my experience in choosing the best table saw for beginners.

Table Saw Tips for Beginners

There are two main approaches to choosing a saw. The first and most common advice is to buy a fairly expensive tool of well-known brands. For about $800 you can get a saw with a large table, 2 HP motor and extensions with a reasonable fence. For about $1100 you’ll find a unit with a great fence, 3 HP motor, a large cast iron table and this setup will last for decades.

The second approach is good for DIYers who use a saw from time to time. It requires more attention, but saves a lot of money for other tools. You carefully choose cheaper device that meets only your basic needs. Of course, a lower-priced “home-use” level saws are not top notch ones. Nevertheless, some $150-300 table units easily last 10 years, even with frequent use and moderate load. Yes, they are not pretty, but work well enough to make acceptable straight cuts. Cheap saws often do not have enough power to handle tough work, but these tasks are not what you should consider “home use” either.

table saw for beginner woodworker
Table saw for beginner woodworker – SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Table Saw

Personally I tend to advice buying expensive table saw. I think, you can make most any “DIY projects” without this tool. A table saw will likely be among your most expensive tools, so why not get into this hobby (if it’s not full time job) using the tools you have? As you gain skills through doing a lot of projects, buy high quality power tools you really need. Buy the best unit you can afford, one tool at a time.

Best Table Saw for Beginners (DIY and hobby use)

My advice here is choose middle-priced tool, not the cheapest one. Don’t buy junk tool. The Delta is a good example of a relatively cheap table saw of decent quality. You can afford it, and it’s compact enough to move around with ease. And take into account that no matter what tool you get, you are still have to learn what good setup is how to do a proper setup to get the most out of the saw. If you want to make precise cuts, the proper setup will be the critical factor.

good table saw for beginners
Delta 36-6013 10 Inch Table Saw – good table saw for beginners

The good news about Delta is that if you get a decent full-size saw, you can sell it for a good price if you outgrow the tool. And by that time you will clearly understand why and what you need in the upgrade.

Portable saws are typically low powered and mobile devices. They are in the $150-600 range and are harder to upgrade and modify.

best beginner woodworking table saw
Best beginner woodworking table saw – DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw w/Stand

Table Saw for Beginner Woodworker (Professional Use)

When it comes to starting a woodworker career, choose a tool bigger than you need now, if you can. Both in power and features. Like almost all of my friends I will say “Pound for pound, Grizzly make the best tools at the best price”.

best table saw for beginners
Best table saw for beginners (professional use) – Delta 36-5100T2 Contractor Table Saw with 30″ Rip Capacity and Cast Extension Wings

Generally, the choice of the table saw depends on your budget, your needs and the space you have in your shop. Cabinet saws are the best, but most expensive, up to $2000-$3000. Contractor and compact saws are next. Contractors have larger beds then compact and they are made of cast iron. You can find contractor saws with  extra accessories and upgraded fences.

All these models have their pros and cons, but the contractor’s saw is in the middle as far as weight, accuracy, size, cut capacity, cost, etc. What’s more, if you work in a small shop, you can buy a fairly cheap mobile base to get the saw out of the way after the job is done.


If you plan to work as a professional woodworker, buying a table saw is a lifetime investment, therefore, make a right choice and you’ll not regret spending the extra money.

If you’re just starting out, look for a decent used table unit. Spend some time and you’ll definitely find a guy who is moving out of town and buy a tool that work well. If you buy a new tool later, this will be a great second saw for light duty work, so you don’t have to change the blades all the time.

Choosing Best Survival Multi Tool for Backpacking,Camping, Fishing, Hiking

Every hiker likes having compact files, pliers, saws and a few other tools on his belt. Especially, if it is light and compact enough to don’t notice it there. Of course, the multi tool is often only a complement to plain tools, but if the all-arounder tool is strong enough, why not? This is not to say that I am a survival multi tool fan. I never used to carry an EDC multi tool. Although I use Leatherman multi tool around the apt. I usually carry a Swiss Army Knife when camping or hiking. My tastes change over time and now the best survival multi tool for me is Victorinox Swisstool Spirit, and it feels smooth, compact and I don’t feel clunky with it.

Best Survival Multi Tool

In my opinion, the best survival tool you can have is a solid knife.  If you are forced to take just one tool, take a knife. Therefore, if you don’t have a good knife, my advice is to choose and purchase it.

Good example is an ESEE 6 fixed blade knife. It is a made in USA 6.50″ carbon steel blade knife with an ambidextrous polymer sheath. It is made of 1095 carbon steel, 55-57 RC and comes with  no questions asked lifetime guarantee.

The knife is razor sharp right out of the box and you’ll love the handle ergonomics! The flat grind is allows you to resharp it with a river rock. The knife is perfectly balanced, with its contoured handle and 5 3/4 blade you can deal with any task from camp task to major work.

best survival knife
Before choosing a survival multi tool, think about a knife, ESEE-6 Fixed Blade Knife – the best survival knife

As for the multi tool itself, I think you can’t go wrong if you’ll purchase Leatherman Wave. It’s pretty tough tool, I’ve used the pliers for breaking steel banding on pallets as a test, it worked well and without a problem.
I will not claim that if it’s the best multi tool for survival, I would trust it.


best survival multi tool
Best survival multi tool – LEATHERMAN Wave Plus with Replaceable Wire Cutters

I keep a Wave attached with a Maxpedition single mag pouch which is attached to the ESEE 6 sheath. With a firesteel and a led flashlight this  is the best of all worlds in a single small package.

My building maintenance friend carries a Leatherman Charge for everyday use and uses it very often. Few months ago he broke the jaw and Leatherman sent him a new one.

multi tool for handyman
Leatherman Charge Plus – great multi tool for handyman

So, for a handyman, the Charge can be a great tool for everyday and camping, it’s really sturdy and versatile.

Once again, I love multi-tools, however for survival tasks they never replace a good knife and can only serve as a supplement.

Best Multitool for Backpacking

A multitool for backpacking should be light and portable. I think, you don’t really need the screwdrivers, etc. For me, the best multi tool for backpacking is a Leatherman Micra. And a pocket knife as a separate tool.

Best Multitool for Backpacking
Best Multitool for Backpacking – Leatherman Micra Multitool

Leatherman Micra has the best scissors you can find on a multi-tool and the spring that won’t break. It is claimed as keychain tool, but in my opinion Micra is a little bulk heavy for it. Nevertheless, it is great multitool for backpacking: capable, well designed and compact.

As I’ve mentioned above, the knife is the most important tool for hiker. Therefore, I carry a good fixed blade knife for cutting and a Micra for eyeglasses screwdriver, scissors and bottle cap lifter. And you should remember: it is a multi tool. Yes, it is versatile, most likely won’t outperform full size knife.

Another good multitool for backpacking is a Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker. It is a great tool to carry during backpacking trip. It is made of 1.4110 steel which is roughly equivalent to 440A and it has fantastic performance. The steel is very resistant to rust, can take a serious beating but still it can be easily sharpened. It is a breeze to sharpen compared to trendy powdered steels. You you just grab your ceramic or Arkansas stone and take a few passes to bring it right back to shaving sharp.

backpacking multitool
Superb backpacking multitool – Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker

The main blade has a great utilitarian design, it sports a Kephart blade pattern, nice polished uncoated finish and has a good balance of thickness of the spine vs thinness at the start of the secondary bevel. I also like the thumb opener on the blade.

The multitool saws made by Victorinox are leading in industry. This particular saw has aggressive double-sided teeth that cut wood efficiently, and the stiff handle helps keep the tool from snagging in the wood. A sharp 90 degree spine of the saw is able to produce great sparks of a ferro rod.

Overall, this is a good multitool for backpacking, not too heavy and fairly inexpensive – around $40 on Amazon. The only downsides are that it has no pocket clip and no locking feature for the saw.

Best Hiking and Camping Multi Tool

For car and simple tent camping, as usual, a multi tool is a companion for a fixed blade knife and tools. Leatherman Wave is my best camping multi tool for over 3 years now. It as well pairs extremely good with my full size knife. The most used part of are the pliers and the serrated blade. I use the serrated blade a prybar, scraper, chisel and for cutting tough things that would dull the knife. The file come in very handy at times and the saw is almost the same length as Victorinox Camper has.

best lightweight multitool for backpacking
Best lightweight multitool for backpacking – Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Pocket Knife

The choice of the Wave for me was due to the fact that I like its pliers very much. However, not all of my friends consider it necessary. If you don’t need pliers, Victorinox Camper is more compact tool. The Camper is a thin and lightweight but very helpful when camping.

It is very pocketable, has standard 2 blades, openers and the screwdrivers read also (best screwdriver bit set). The saw will cuts any little branches fast so you can build a nice fire. I have recommended this camping multi tool to friends and bought several as gifts as well.

Best Fishing Multi Tool

The best fishing multi tool for salt water is a stainless Gerber MP400 Compact Multi-Plier. It doesn’t rust and  are very easy to clean and dry. The lock function works well, the scissors are sharp and versatile, the blade is good and sharp also. Gerber MP400 works for years, I’ve seen the tool after 5 years daily use and they still look as good as new. There was no loosen and broken parts and the case was still in one piece.

The multitool is relatively compact and very easy to carry. The pliers are comfortable and durable, and what I like the most is the ability to pull them out with one hand.

best fishing multi tool
Best fishing multi tool for salt water – Gerber MP400 Compact Multi-Plier

For fishing in freshwater, fly or spin try anything made by Victorinox with scissors and pliers. I would suggest stainless steel Victorinox Spirit.

Its pliers are long enough, and the multi tool is designed rather thinner than others. In this way it is able to get in most fish mouths, and hook extraction is very important for fishing. You can also open the tool with one hand, very convenient – the fish in one hand and the tool in another.

Scissors work well for line cutting, fishing, etc. Maybe you’ll need to re-profile the main blade, and it doesn’t have to be too pointy. I prefer to use a dedicated fixed blade for gutting fish. It is bigger and my multi tool won’t get stinky!

Best Survival Axe Multi Tool

For a mostly car camping I have several axes including a Gerber Gator Combo Axe II. It works well and meets all camping needs.

best survival axe multi tool
Best survival axe multi tool – Gerber Gator Combo Axe II

I keep this in the car for occasional camping need. It is a light tool with a nice saw, it is a great addition. One of the best thing the hatchet is the a lifetime warranty. You can find reviews with broken handles near the head. Maybe, but even it this case Gator replaces their product with another Axe. Myne tool work several years with any problems, but I agree, it doesn’t feel as sturdy as a regular hatchet.

If you  want an indestructible tool, I wood recommend Estwing hatchet. It will be a heavier than the Gerber, but it will last for decades with minimal maintenance. I would say it depends on your needs, ruggedness, or light weight.

best survival multi tool axe
Best survival multi tool axe – Estwing Camper’s Axe – 16″ Hatchet with Forged Steel & Shock Reduction Grip

This is a great axe – all one piece of forged steel, you can strike the handle next to the head to finish the split. Convenient thick rubber handle reduces the shock a lot, extra length allow you to chop with more force than with lighter hatchets. You can pry with it as well, the handle won’t break off.

Nylon sheath fits snugly and come with two secure snaps, the handle has a hole at the butt end for a loop of cord.


You should remember, that multitool, including multitool axe, is not so tough as regular one. If it has a a pliers, they won’t work as well as a real pliers, multitool isn’t so comfy or easy to use as an screwdriver, and you won’t saw down a  tree with its saw. But, you CAN do all this stuff with one tool if you really need.

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw Review and Comparison [2021]

scroll saw vs band saw
Scroll saw vs band saw – how to choose the right tool

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw is a frequent problem for the beginner crafters. The winner depends on which tool will make the cut more effectively and/or easier. In our review, we’ll help you determine which features are important to you and which type of saw is best for your project.

Band Saw vs Scroll Saw: What They are Designed for

Scroll and band saws are generally designed to perform the same work, but the scroll one is used for the finer and smaller cuts and the bandsaw for the bigger cuts.

Band saws are bigger machines capable to cut thick boards, resaw wood, etc. They are designed more for building projects that require thicker material.

band saw vs scroll saw.jpg
Compact WEN 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw – good for larger boards (check the price)

The scroll saw is great for inlays, Intarsia, and other small work. It cuts small pieces fine, but even soft pine about 2″ thick go very slow. If you use a great blade like a silicon blade from tuff tooth, it will help a bit, but the  weaker motor tends to stop and blow the internal circuit breaker when you try to cut hardwood.

Nevertheless, the scroll saw can do so cleaner and tighter cuts, than a band saw… And its blades are much cheaper unlike the ones for a band saw. There are a lot of blades’ types and they can be switch quick and easy.

Single speed band saws are too fast for metal. Scroll saws are typically variable speed, and you can cut metal with proper blades. The saw wouldn’t cut 1/2″ steel plate, but it can handle small and thin steel and brass parts quite comfortably. For larger metal parts a variable speed jigsaw would work better.

To see the capability of a scroll saw for cutting sheet metal, take a look at the video. Take into account that it looks like he’s using a Hegner which costs about $1500.

Scroll saw is the only tool that will let you back up out of a corner, it will cut both ways with a round blade. Maybe, you need to have both on your shop 🙂

Difference Between Band Saw and Scroll Saw

A bandsaw have a band blade of toothed metal stretched between 2 or 3 (sometimes more) wheels. The minimum radius of a curve is relatively big and is determined by the kerf and width of the band. Band saws have more powerful motors, they can cut thick boards and resaw them. A 14″ band is able to do many jobs and may cost less than $300. Its blades are hard to break and they last long.

difference between a scroll saw and band saw
Check the difference between a scroll saw and band saw – Delta Power Tools Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The scroll saw is a smaller device for detail work. It uses a thin and narrow reciprocating blades and like a hand coping saw, it can be placed through a pre-drilled starting hole to make interior cutouts without an entry slot. Most scroll saws have relatively low power motors and work without overheating with up to 2″ wood. And I would consider this measurement to be on the optimistic side.

If you purchase a cheap scroll saw you will be wishing that you had gone ahead and bought the band saw. A noname bandsaw will still perform a decent job. So, unless you are ready to spend at least $300 – 500 on the scroll saw, don’t waste your money.

My advice here is a Delta Power scroll saw with electronic variable speed for a wide array of cutting applications. An upper arm of the saw lifts and locks in the raised position during blade changes or while adjusting blade position for fret work. Bevels 0° – 45° left and right.

The tool has minimal vibration, the blade stays put and it works whisper quiet. It is a great unit for fretwork and general purpose cutting. The Delta 40-694 is also pretty similar to the DeWalt DW 788, but costs about $100 less. If you do any amount of scrolling or intricate cuts don’t hesitate to buy this.

Band Saw or Scroll Saw: Pros and Cons

A scroll saw has the advantage for tight curves and internal cuts. Its narrow blade is capable of creating small curves. The intricacy of the shapes can be astonishing, for thin sheet bits of wood or board you’d want a scrollsaw to get into finer corners that a band saw would struggle to achieve. The cuts are so clean, that you often don’t need to sand them, but cutting is very slow.

scroll saw or band saw
Most versatile band saw – Delta 28-400 14″ 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw

A main advantage of a band saw is an ability to deal with larger pieces of material. Blades of a band saw are wider and thicker, so I wouldn’t want to make too much fine cuts on a bandsaw. The kerf of the band saw blade allows for some amount of curve, but if it is too tight, the the blade binds in the kerf and may stop the saw. In this case, use a small stone and round off the back corners of your blade after placing it on your band saw. This will make it easier to trim the corners. And since the gullets on a band saw are relatively big, you won’t have a hard time clearing all that saw-dust. For 2″ or thicker pieces, it’s a no-brainer to stick with your bandsaw.

Good example here is a 14″ 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw by Delta. It has heavy duty steel frame with aluminum trunnion table support. The 1 HP motor works with 2 speeds: 1,620 and 3,340 FPM for cutting wood and non-ferrous metals. The saw is pretty compact and works very quietly and smoothly. Cast iron table is big, sturdy and well-finished. Wood, copper,  aluminum, and even stainless will be cut like butter with a proper blades.It is a simple and fairly priced tool, the best choice for those who decide to buy a band saw.


If your typical work is roughing out forms to carve, the band saw is your choice. For precise cuts, a good scroll saw is an indispensable tool. My advice is to purchase a quality scroll saw with a  quick-change blade holders. A well-known brand saw will serve you better and retain resale value much longer than an entry-level saw.

Best carpenter’s tool belt, belts for electricians, ironworkers and others

Best carpenter's tool beltTool belts are needed for professional workers to help them when they are working away from their tool box of tools. For example, an electrician may work at a height, the ironworker may work on the floor which is too narrow to place anything, etc. In our article, we will help you to choose the best carpenter’s tool belt, as well as offer options that are convenient for electricians, ironworkers. We’ll also review roofing, scaffold and framing tool belts.

Best Carpenter’s Tool Belt

I prefer to use leather belts with canvas bags and suspenders. They are more convenient and comfortable, soft and compact. And even the belt may be nylon. That’s my opinion. Moreover, they don’t cost as much. Yes, they may wear out faster than leather, but their more frequent replacement is fully compensated for by a lower price. With a carpenter’s tool belt you just go with what you like the best.

I for some reason like the Occidental Leather tool belts, as well as their tool bags and buckets. Just a personal preference, I’ve used others as well, but like I said, it’s your preference that matters most.

 left handed tool belt
Best best carpenter’s tool belt – Occidental Leather 9855

My favorite is Occidental Leather 9855 Fat Lip Tool Bag Set. It is equipped with 10″ deep industrial nylon bags with leather-reinforced bottom and corners. There are a lot of multiple tool holders and a tool with hammer holder in the rear. The belt in my opinion is a good balance of durable vs light. The weight is evenly spreaded around the hips and the begs won’t shift out of position because they’re fixed. There will be no more bags sliding off the belt and dumping all nails out.

how to wear a tool belt.jpg
Occidental Leather 1546 – the best answer to “how to wear a tool belt” question

I also like the large pockets and how they stay open. The hammer handle fits good and doesn’t bang against the back the knee when I walking. There are also D Rings for use with suspenders. Tool belt suspenders doesn’t allow the tool belt to slide off the ass 🙂 When paired with the suspenders it becomes very comfortable even overloaded. And my advice is made in USA Occidental Leather 1546 – light industrial nylon suspenders with even weight distribution and fully adjustable front and rear

The Occidental leather are absolutely amazing, durable  and exceptionally well crafted. It is not all-leather material, an I like it, as I said before. Yes, it is expensive. But worth it absolutely, and will last very long

One of my friends hates tool belts, the wear him out and his pants slip down alot. His choice is a 2500 SuspendaVest and a couple oxy light bags. I’ve tried it. It was pretty comfy. I also like that with it you can remove the bags and use the 2500 as a lightweight tool vest. You can take off the whole rig in 2 seconds if needing to get in a tight space.

tool carrying wear for carpenters
2500 Stronghold SuspendaVest

I’ve also tried a Occidental Leather  2580 SuspendaVest. It was comfortable too, but the larger compartments on the upper section are too much for me. If I were an electrician who needed big electrical devices it might be ok.

Best Framing, Roofing and Scaffold Tool Belts

When finding a tool belt and tool set, you should consider that lighter is better and  the less is more. Most of professional workers sooner or later come to a standard framer or carpenter belt with a fixed bags.

Typical compact set is 3 inch belt with electricians pouch on a right side, and standard nail pouch with hammer loop on the left. If there is real need, you can always buy a bag or even two.

With this minimalistic set the suspenders are not necessary, but you will be able to get the suspenders as well. In this case you can load up and the belt itself will actually loose at the waist!

The main concerns here are:

  • If using suspenders, all the sweat from the back follows the suspender bearing points
  • It takes a little patience, you need some time to get used to the set
best framing tool belt
Best framing tool belt – DEWALT Framer’s Combo Tool Belt and Suspenders

Size, belt material and brand are personal choices. My favorite belts are pretty small and with suspenders. I also have a bucket boss full of tools. It easier for me to carry the bucket and only most used stuff in the belt. I have only two bags on it: a big a smaller ones.  My hammer is near the front, other tools I organize by their job.

On the right side there are “sharp tools” (chisel, utility blade, tin snips, sawzall blade, etc) and on the left there are all the measuring tools (speed and bevel square, torpedo level, needle-nose pliers, a chalk line, etc.). In the smaller pouches I put nails and screws when needed.

Do not carry useless tools 70% of the time, especially wrestling to get yourself and your big old belt through a 16 on center bay in a wall.

Best Electrician Tool Belt

Best electrician tool belt is the lightest one. Electricians are going up and down their ladders pretty often and they are not meant to be pack mules.

Tape holder and a pouch like Klein 5119 on the other side is often more than enough. You can carry all you need with it. Small belt bag that holds a multitool, wire strippers, a beater, linesman and dikes – there are all that is needed for 90% of electrical jobs.

Insead the belt you can even wear a small leather pouch when doing a repetitive task like wiring lights. It can successfully hold four or five tools and some parts that you really need.

But if you really need more tools, compact and pretty cheap model is CLC 3 Piece Electrical Combo

 Best Electrician Tool Belt
Best Electrician Tool Belt – CLC 3 Piece Electrical Combo

It is a good reliable belt with all parts interchangeable and removable. You can easily swap the bags or remove/add a pouch. 2-layer ballistic polyester fabric made it is heavy duty, the metal clip will hold any measuring tape.

The bags are deep enough so tools stay in, they are roomy and the handles are useful, and you can take the bag off when don’t want to wear both.

The belt’s price is about $75 and the quality it is good for a budget tool. It isn’t $300 organizer and you shouldn’t expect it’ll last forever. Expect 6-8 months of work and it will start ripping. Not so bad to test the idea and buy new one.

Ironworker Tool Belt

Structural tools may vary from project to project, so before choosing ironworker tool belt you need to know what tools you’ll need. Another thing you can do is ask your fellows if they’ve got tool belt for sale. It can’t hurt.

Some ironworkers may prefer belts with holders, fixed with rivets. Some prefer deeper and heavier pouches worn in reverse for working on a ladder. In any case you definitely need a tough and reliable belt with some bolt bags, a scabbard or two for pins/sleever/spuds, etc.

I recommend to purchase a work belt with tool pouch or bolt bag, pockets for pencil/soap stone, at least 25’tape measure, 12″ adjustable wrench and utility knife. If it’s within your budget, you can add markers, flint striker, torpedo level, duct and electrical tape, a multi tool.

Ironworkers, and other elevated trades working at trigger heights of of 15 feet, 10 feet or 6 feet above are required to wear a full body harness to comply with OSHA’s 29CFR.

Whether you wear a harness which incorporates an integrated removable tongue-and-buckle waist belt, or use a separate one, you may install aftermarket pouches and tool hangers.

A good example of tough holder is a Double Barrel Bull Pin/Wrench one.

Ironworker Tool Belt
Double Barrel Bull Pin/Wrench Holder for Ironworker Tool Belt

This is a great top quality product made in the USA. It fits well and rides easily on the belt. With it, you won’t have any imbalance in your bags and it will easily last up to five years. Highly recommended for iron workers.

Occidental Leather 5520 Tool Holder is another great example.

holder on a belt for ironworkers
Occidental Leather 5520 – great holder on a belt for ironworkers

It is made of sturdy american leather and may be worn on any belt up to 3 inches wide. With its sturdy stitching and nice leather you can be sure nothing will be bent, broken or deformed. The weight of tools won’t take a toll on this product, it is a highly recommended holder for anyone in the steel or construction industry.


For professional workers you can’t beat Occidental in almost any model or type. These are a little expensive, but these are worth every penny. And they will last 5 years and steel be in great shape. Their beltless systems SuspendaVest are great too. They are extremely comfortable, however, sometimes hot.

From the DIYer’s point of view, buying these expensive belts is questionable. If you wear the belt twice a month, any $10 one from HD or Amazon will do pretty much the same job. And at this pace, they will also last for years. Everyone is different, look for tools which suit your needs. To each their own.

Best Saw Horses in 2021: Portable, Folding and Adjustable Units

Most of my friends made their first saw-horses themselves. And when homemade wooden ones come to the end of their life they have upgraded to better unit. The same it true with me. I was tired of the weight and the size of my DIY units too. So, I did a little research and in this post I will share with you my priorities and opinion on the best saw horses in 2021.

General information

A saw-horse is a tool that helps to support wood, plastic or other material that is being cut either with a jigsaw, hand saw or other tool. Sometimes they are used to create a sturdy work surface for your work. Saw horses should be low enough to reach across the width of a sheet of material. It’s also good if you are able to keep a couple sacrificial 2x4s. 3 work better and you can put the 3rd one under the lengthwise cut, the piece doesn’t drop.

Horses with a broad top that can easily support a 1×10 that’s two feet long say.  They are also preferable to have the sides flat. For me, sawhorses are all about sawing, but not about standing on or raising up furniture. These are in fact “work stands” and they are designed by very different factors.

Best Folding Saw Horses

I have a good experience using the Trojan Horses. They are strong and durable and with a couple of pieces of 2x lumber you can create horses of any size. My fellow carpenter has several sets in which he cut the legs and added some angle iron so that they can be adjusted for uneven ground. The  set up requires no screws or nails, the saw-horses are gripping teeth, and legs self-level to any terrain.

best saw horses for woodworking
Best saw horses for woodworking – Trojan TS-35

These saw horses are at the top the list for portability and strength. They will last you 10 years and more and all you’ll need is to add some missing paint and add a little oil on the joints. You won’t find a more versatile set of saw horses. Yes, they are pricey, but worth it, these are the best folding saw horse. You can’t beat the Trojans for heavy duty durability.

Although I love the Trojan saw-horses for their reliability and the fact you are able to use scrap lumber, their significant downfall is that they are not adjustable.

best folding saw horse
Folding tool – ToughBuilt Sawhorse/Jobsite Table (TB-C600)

If you really need to change the height, I recommend ToughBuilt Saw-Horse – best collapsible saw horses. They are advertised to hold up to 1300 lbs per pair. If not for the fact that they can take a finger off when folding them up, they are perfect. You can clamp things down to them, the feet are adjustable and cleverly they have convenient yellow clips which allow you to mound large sheets of material at angle. This way you can rip them along the long and short edges. ToughBuilt saw horse with triton superjaws are all I need when I am out and about.

On the top of the horses there are holes to screw 2×4’s onto. They are fully adjustable, and the rubber feet won’t damage a nice deck. When breaking down sheet good I use them for a cutting table.

The main disadvantage is they are a bit heavy to carry but the slim nature means you can just stack one on top of the other in the garage. The metal clamp on each side comes out to accommodate various sizes of timber.

Best Plastic Saw Horses

Plastic saw horses are often adjustable, therefore no matter what your height is, the work height will be comfortable. What I like the most about the plastic saw horses is that they compact in folded state, so they store easy and flat. They’re light-weight and easy to carry.

Best Plastic Saw Horses
Nice plastic unit – Stanley Adjustable Saw-horse Twin Pack

Great example here is Stanley STST60626 Adjustable Sawhorse Twin Pack – good unit for for medium to light-weight use. They are made entirely of plastic and are not flimsy at all. Each set held a large stack of lumber with no ill effects – rated load is 1000 pound per pair.  Each horse has height adjustment latches and allows to adjust width. The tray opens for holding tools. Good choice for the small repair or decorating DIY projects.

Best Log Saw Horse

I’ve used a several different types of log sawhorse for myself and customers. And my opinion is that the best way is to build your own stand.

DIY Saw Horses

Making  own folding horses is pretty easy.

best diy saw horses
DIY saw horses – strong and sturdy

I’ve made 3 sets like these on the picture out of spare 2x lumber I had. Three sets total so far. They are cheap, rock solid and  nest perfectly on top of each other, so all six horses are stacked in the corner and doesn’t take much space. I have poured 3 kitchens worth of concrete counter tops on them and wouldn’t hesitate to put my truck on them. They are a little heavy though.


Toughbuilt C600/650 setup  are pretty sturdy and height-adjustable (key feature for many carpenters). Trojan Horses are the most strong and durable model which will work virtually forever. Plastic saw-horses are great if you need lightweight and portable tools, easy to carry and store.

Best Miter Saw Stand Reviews: Portable, With Wheels, Rolling

dewalt miter saw stand with wheelsFor small projects you can just clamp miter saw to a workstation, but cutting miters into lengthy trim pieces needs a real stand. Most of woodworkers don’t really want a bunch of bell and whistles, best miter saw stand should be as light as possible an at the same time sturdy and reliable. The unit will definitely be transported back and forth, so it should not be weak and fragile. However, the stand is not a tool that you will use 24/7, so it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg either. Read our article to make an informed decision and purchase the best tool. Any and all suggestions and comments are welcome and appreciated.


Miter saws are a good tool for accurate cuts, but a proper stand adds a lot of  simplicity and accuracy. Good unit can be set to needed height so you don’t hunch over uncomfortably while you work. Best miter stand saw can be adjusted for different lengths with featuring pull-out rests to hold the wood.

When buying a stand, stability is a top-priority consideration. It shouldn’t be wobble, regardless of the material being cut. Shifting stand and sudden jumps can cause injury! So rubberized grips on the feets or locking wheels add stability to the the stand.  The weight capacity of the most stands is between 300 to 700 pounds.  A miter saw produces a lot of force, so the stand should be durable.

Best Portable Miter Saw Stand

Saw stands can range from lightweight full-portable foldable units to large stationary stands. Big units have the highest load capacity and the ability to cut long boards. A medium-sized miter saw stand may also include wheels. Smaller miter saw stands are easy to move from one place to another, but they usually have a lower weight capacity. Average-sized portable units have weight capacity around 500 pounds.

best portable miter saw stand
Best portable miter saw stand – WEN MSA330 stand with 3 onboard outlets

My opinion is that a question about best portable miter saw stand doesn’t has much sence, they are mostly the same. Any middle-priced unit made by known brand  will work. The one thing to consider is that you you most likely will need more clamps for different saws in the future. Therefore, I recommend to choose a brand that will produce and sell clamps for next 20 years.

If your shop is limited in space, look for the stand that folds up smaller. Some units are more than 7′ long, even folded. You may also like having supports close to the miter saw too, not just way on the outside.

Best Miter Saw Stand With Wheels

best miter saw stand with wheels
Best miter saw stand with wheels – Ridgid AC9946 Stand with Mounting Braces

For me, the best rolling miter saw stand is the Ridgid rolling/folding stand.  Yes, it weighs a bit, I always can fold up and roll away at the end of the day with ease. And this is what I looked for. I can also leave the saw attached and place it vertically in a corner, and this fact is a win for me. Take in mind, every time you have to remove the saw, you spend time and wear mounting components which will inevitably get broken via handling and transport. Ridgid miter saw utility vehicle is a good stand if you want to leave your saw attached.

My previous unit was a cheap foldable Ryobi stand, just 4 legs and quick release brackets. It was a lot lighter, but in my case the rolling stand is much more convenient.

best rolling miter saw stand
Best rolling miter saw stand – Makita WST05

Another example of great miter saw stand with wheels is Makita WST05. It comes with material support extensions and adjustable leg supports. The aluminum feed roller and adjustable material stop help a lot in making repetitive cuts. The design is sturdy, robust stand for the money.

The only way you can make it better is to purchase a 10″ pneumatic wheels from HF and upgrade to a wider wheel base. The stand will become super sturdy and absorb any bumps when wheeling.

Best DeWalt Miter Saw Stand

DeWalt Miter Saw Stand With Wheels

In my opinion, absolutely best values here are the Dewalt heavy duty and Bosch gravity-rise miter saw stands. I have the rolling Dewalt but if it wasn’t tossed in with my saw I could have taken Bosch with equal probability.

DeWalt Miter Saw Stand DWX723

DeWalt miter saw stand dwx723 (Heavy Duty) is very nice and sturdy unit. This stand is a good choice for those who prefer not having wheels because the saw has to be removed to carry the stand. Yes it’s little more efforts but there is less risk to tip over the saw and damage it during transporting.

DeWalt miter saw stand DWX723
DeWalt miter saw stand DWX723 – Heavy Duty

The stand is easy to move around with the legs folded down lifting the stand by the handle. You can hand carry the saw separately, then set up the stand and snap the saw on top.

DWX723 comes with brackets, there is no need to buy them. This table is great! The stand is extremely stable and pretty simple to set up. It folds easily and is conveniently to transport. The ends extend to support up to a 16 foot piece and come with two supports (you can purchase more or wider ones additionally).

Dewalt Miter Saw Stand DWX724

DWX724 is the most lightweight and compact miter saw stand with weight capacity up to 500 lbs. Its weight is 29.8 Pounds (the 723 is 35 Pounds). DWX724 is slightly higher in folded state (8″ vs. 7″ of DWX723) and is much narrower – 44″ (the width of the DWX723 is about 77″).

 Dewalt miter saw stand DWX724
Dewalt miter saw stand DWX724

The beam of the DWX724 is 3.4 feet long, so you can work with a 10 feet  maximum length of material (much shorter than 16 feet length capacity of a 723 model). The maximum weight capacity is 500 pounds for both models.

Once the brackets are attached, one person can easily attach or remove the saw from the stand. A metal locking bracket on the unit keeps the saw from moving from side to side and adds a bit of extra stability. The stand feels very sturdy, the rubber feet prevent damage to the finished floor surface. The bottom handle is convenient for carrying the stand separately from the saw, all you need is to lock the material support struts. Great choice for those who don’t work with long pieces of material.

DeWalt DWX726 Stand

The miter saw weighs a lot, and because it’s also a bit bulky, you have to carry it out far from my body and it really wrenches the back hauling it around. So the DWX726 rolling stand is a great alternative to the units on legs.

DeWalt DWX726 stand
DeWalt DWX726 stand

You can leave the saw attached, collapse it, and instead of lugging, roll the  whole setup around. The DeWalt DWX726 is a beast and weighs in at over 60 lbs on its own (twice the weight of the DWX723). The saw bolts solid to the stand and the set up is going to be about 110 lb.

You can load the DWX726 in the truck by putting the handle end on the tailgate, lifting the wheel side and sliding it in. With this approach you never lift more than about 50 lbs, including the weight of the saw.

DWX726 is everything-in-one package and is good for both a permanent setup and a portable one. With the extendable arms, you can make cuts of long trim. It very easy to lower and raise the stand, the wheels make it easy to move the set even up and down stairs by one person. The wheels are large enough for almost any terrain.

In general it is solid and heavy duty stand, mostly for workshop use and large field projects.

Bosch Units

It’s hard to beat the quality of the Bosch miter saw stand and nothing makes your life easier than having the right tool for the job.

Bosch Gravity Rise Miter Saw Stand T4B

Bosch gravity rise miter saw stand T4B Bosch Gravity Rise is a device that can be recommended with confidence. It is easy to lower and raise and the built in outfeeds are very handy. It’s very easy to load into the back of the truck if you need.

Bosch gravity rise miter saw stand T4B
Bosch gravity rise miter saw stand T4B

The quality is very good, the only two drawbacks are that the supports are more narrow then I would like, so the trim can slip off the side. The second is a size: it really takes up a lot of space.

This stand is pretty heavy, as it’s frame is steel. But you can roll it and the saw never has to come off to transport unless you want to. You can roll it on a cargo trailer effortlessly with a connected saw. The folding mechanism is very nice, in that you don’t have to bend way over or use a lot of leverage.

The knob tightening saw rails is very nice, in other stands I’ve used the saw with the quick release clamps. And they almost never fit tight when installed. With Bosch you just tighten the knobs down and it’s very secure.

The weight of the stand adds stability, but if you really need to load this into the back of a pickup, purchase of the lighter stands like a Bosch leg miter saw. But if you had a ramp, the rolling Bosch stand is the way to go.

Bosch Folding Leg Miter Saw

Bosch Folding Leg Miter Saw
Bosch Folding Leg Miter Saw

Bosch leg miter saw is a lightweight aluminum stand which adapts to most miter saws. Its quick-release lock allows to attach the saw to the stand with ease. Carry handle is equipped with a wrench storage and is convenient for transporting folded saw. Sliding rails expand up to 12′ 9″ to support up to 16′ material.

The Bosch folding leg miter saw uses the same saw mounts and main beam extrusion as the T4B. You can dismount the 4310 from the T4B and just clamp in on the GTA 3800. Material supports are interchangeable too.

The GTA3800 is clearly superior choice for shop use. For site work, the T4B is the best unit, if you have a ramp to get it into your trailert/ruck/van.


A miter saw without stand is like a knife without a sheath: more hassle to carry and use than it needs to be. The same is true for any cheap unstable unit or even a homemade stand. But if you need the best stand for your saw I recommend a Bosch or a DeWalt stand.

Choosing the best bandsaw for resawing in 2021

best bandsaw for resawingNothing could be worse using a crappy bandsaw to do a bunch of stuff,  nobody wants struggling and complaining about it the whole time. We’ll help you to find best bandsaw for resawing with a lot of oomph to be super happy with it. And for affordable price.

What is resawing on a bandsaw

Resawing is a pretty common task for woodworking. For example, most cabinet doors are build now days are book matched panels. The best way to thin stock and maintain higher yield for  6/4″ or 8/4″ boards is resawing.

Resawing wood a is cutting a sawn plank into thinner ones with a bandsaw. So you are splitting the thickness of the wood to get two thinner slabs. Although resawing is a type of rip-cutting, however, not all rip cuts are resaws. Resawing cut runs through the wood width and this fact distinguishes bandsaw resawing from bandsaw ripping where the blade runs through the stock’s thickness.

resaw bandsaw
Resaw bandsaw

The bandsaw is far safer than a circular saw, because it doesn’t cause kickback. Bandsaw blade cuts extremely efficient, relatively easily and quickly. It also wastes minimal wood and cutting. All you have to do is cut straight lines.

Best bandsaw for resawing

Big and expensive saws

In my practice nobody has ever told me that the bandsaw he has is too heavy, too powerful or too big. If you resaw large amounts of wood everyday, it’s better to save up and wait for what you want if you can’t afford it now.

And the reasons are:

  1. Resawing puts a whole different performance demand on the tool than just cutting furniture legs or something.
  2. Every time I talk to an friend who bought a tool what “would get the job done at the moment”, it sounds like the machine somehow disappoints them but they don’t want to admit that. Most of cheap bandsaws do their job more or less acceptable, and work for many years without breakdowns. If you really need a better bandsaw, this can be said to be a disadvantage, you get stuck with what you bought.
 what is resawing on a bandsaw
Best bandsaw for resawing – Grizzly Industrial G0555XH 14″ 1-3/4 HP Resaw Bandsaw

In other words, try to focus on what you won’t be getting if you don’t choose wisely.

All of the maid in Italy bandsaws: Mini-Max, Agazzani, Laguna are great  but highly priced. Industrial grade Grizzly saws come with much lower price but nearly as good at a quality and productivity. I would get the biggest Grizzly bandsaw that fit the budget and then put a high quality carbide-tipped resaw blade on it.

Benchtop saws

You should try to get the best bench bandsaw your budget allows, even (in fact, especially) if it is a bench model.

Of course, the large Laguna or Agazzani are a dream machines. But they are too rich for occasional-user blood. Some of the modern benchtop saws are quite good.  In addition, there are often restrictions on the unit size due to lack of workshop space. With limited space, choosing machine size is a tough decision, but my best advice is still to buy the most expensive bandsaw you can afford. If that’s small, try to purchase the best one you can.

Don’t be afraid of the Taiwan-made saws such as the Deltas, Grizzly or Jet. They are pretty good machines for the money if you get one used. But I’d avoid small Craftsman benchtops. Of course, it has good reviews and the price is about $200. But, it is really too small and the motor doesn’t have enough power to do any real resawing. New Ridgid machines look real good and I really like them. Their old band saw models had quite a few bad reviews, the newer models are significantly better.

best benchtop bandsaw
Best benchtop bandsaw – Yukon Tool YTBS10 12 Amp 10-Inch Unit

With low cost units probably you’ll need to make some upgrades, such as installing urethane tires, adding better tension crank and tension spring. Adding a Kreg Bandsaw is also very common.

With a 1/2″ wood slicer such a unit can resaw 6″ veneers  down to 1/32″ thick quickly and very accurate. Adding a riser block kit will rise resaw capacity up to 12″. With an Olsen 1/8″ blade the bandsaw will be able to do tight curves,  bandsaw boxes, or scroll patterns very efficiently, so it will become one of the most used tools in your shop, maybe next to the circle saw.

Best bandsaw blade for resawing

I’ve had the Laguna bandsaw for about five years and have used many blades by different blades. Some of them did well and others not so good.

Some time I’ve just been buying cheap blades from local box store. Of course, they were less than impressive in quality and efficiency. But at $10 per blade you can buy just stockpile a few of each size.

At the end of the experiment I’ve decided that good blade will last longer than cheap junk. And think about how much is your time worth, how much time do you spend changing blunt blades and buying another? I don’t shell out for the best of the best but it’s pretty accurate to say that you get what you pay for. That also depends on what you are using the unit for and what wood you are cutting. Of course, resawing sugar maple will kill a blade  far quicker than resawing poplar. I’ve also found that almost all cheap blades are not exactly the length claimed. For example, I have one 93.5 is closer to 92.5 and required major adjustment to get to fit. Other four blades were within simple tensioning distance.

Therefore, personally prefer to buy middle priced blades. Even if the result is a little more expensive cut, I will benefit in terms of efficiency and quality.

Best blade for resawing on 14″ bandsaw

I read somewhere that 1/2 inch blades are the widest ones recommended for a 14 bandsaw. And in my practice, the 14″ bandsaw is perfectly able to resaw with a 1/2 inch blade.

When I am asked about the best blades for resawing, the first brand that comes to mind is Laguna. These do an excellent job cutting, they cut straight and true. But they are really expensive. As I mentioned above, the highest price does not guarantee the best performance for every dollar spent. So before I load up on expensive blade, I do my own evaluation and comparison. And please, adjust your bandsaw properly, otherwise it will knock out a brand new blade. If the tool is set up correctly a decent quality blade can last a very long time.

best blade for resawing on 14 bandsaw
Best blade for resawing on 14 bandsaw – LAGUNA TOOLS Resaw King with C8 carbide tipped teeth

The one thing you should remember is the saw up to it? What horsepower is your saw and what are you trying to resaw? The 3/4 hp saw will have difficulty resawing. A 14″ 2 horsepower steel frame Grizzly bandsaw resaw with a 1/2 inch blade  with excellent results. It also is able to work with a 3/4″ 3 tooth blade, and  I didn’t feel the need to go with that big of a blade.

I’ve also used Timberwolf blades some of them had weld issues, so I could see them slightly moving backwards and forward (but not side to side, so it  is not so important). Both 1/2″ and a 3/4″ Timberwolf blades works great.

best bandsaw blade for resawing
Good 3/4″ resaw blade for a fraction of Laguna cost – Timber Wolf Bandsaw Silicone Steel


If you are cutting large amounts of wood every day, an industrial band saw from known brand is your best choice. If your budget is tight, used equipment can be a good alternative. But for occasional DIY projects, a compact table saw is fine.

In any case, be patient to spend a lot of time on getting your blade tensioned and squared just right. And you will definitely be nervous when starting to cut material. But in my experience the difference between a band saw with a decent setting and a band saw with a good setting is huge. Spend a decent amount of energy end time on setup and tweaking the saw to get it just right, it will pay off.