Best Quality and Low Price Drill Bits Comparison

Best Quality and Low Price Drill Bits Comparison


Low Price Bits

High-Quality Bits

In a hand-drill for home use, a combination of feed (enough pressing) and speed usually are wrong.

If you are not pressing hard enough, the bit just spins without cutting, this overheats the bit and makes it dull. Too much pressure on the feed will also overheat a drill bit.

If a drill spins too quickly, a drill bit will not bite enough into metal; it will overheat the drill bit and makes it dull.

Reasons to choose low price bits:

For home use you can buy cheap bits and replace often. Lately, you may sharpen it up to 20 times. HSS is HSS no matter how much you pay so no benefit in ‘investing’ in more expensive bits.

Expensive drill bits sooner or later will dull. Sharpening will take off the coating.

Improper tightening in a drill chuck, applying unsteady or not parallel to the bit pressure etc. will cause bit breaking – no matter how expensive it is. Expensive bits will lost too.

Small drills usually break earlier than get blunt.

You can buy a lot more bits, when it gets dull, throw it in a box and get a new one. Later you can sharpen it. In a right mood.

Reasons to choose best quality bits:

Industrial brand drill bits are reliable.

Some cheap bits bend and wobble. All you can to do – throw it away.

More expensive drill bits last longer and cut better. Sharpening a drill bit is getting grinding the tip slightly off center. The drill will wander and cut a larger hole than it should. So high-quality bits work accurate for a longer time.

Cobalt bits have greater heat hardness and more durable, can drill stainless or hardened steel with no problems.

A good HSS drill will last pretty good if you run it at a 10% slower rpm and proper feed rate.

Conclusions for drill bits comparison

Choice of drill bits depends on how much and what kind of material you are drilling.

For mild steel and aluminum the HSS is just fine. For harder material high-quality drill is better.

No matter, expensive the bit or not, If you do not want to dull one, use lower speed and use cutting oil.