Wood Spade Bits Comparison Table

Bosch, DEWALT, Black & Decker, and Irwin are well-known as the best spade bits for quick and efficient making flat-bottomed holes in wood. If you need cleaner holes, see our best Forstner bits review.

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Bosch Daredevil DSB5013P
Best spade bits by Bosch Daredevil DSB5013P 13-Piece Wood Spade Bits Set

Includes (1) 1/4″, (1) 3/8″, (1) 1/2″, (1) 9/16″, (1) 5/8″, (1) 11/16″, (1) 3/4″, (1) 7/8″, (1) 1″, (1) 1-1/8″, (1) 1-1/4″, (1) 1-3/8″, (1) 1-1/2″

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Features a full-cone threaded tip for fast and effortless drilling, contoured paddle for fast chip removal, hex shank power groove to reduce slippage, spur and reamer tips for cleaner holes, provides a cleaner hole quality with reduced breakout

The wood spade bits have screw type tips which are quite different from the tips of my Craftsman bits which have v-shaped tips without threads. The Bosch bits tore through the wood with amazing speed but left very ragged holes.

If you press into the wood the bits do grab a little but if you keep the RPMs up and allow the bit to feed in at it’s own pace it cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter, very smooth with very little torque.

Bits rip through studs, joists, and rafters easily. Hold on to your drill tight, especially with the larger bits. The narrow shafts bend easily if the bit grabs. Once the screw pilot goes through, it take some force to finish boring the hole.

This set will ensure you don’t make horrible holes throughout your house as you run wires or do plumbing. The kit also comes with fine and durable case.

DEWALT DW1587 best spade bits
Best Spade Bits by DEWALT – DW1587 6 Bit 3/8-Inch to 1-Inch Wood Spade Bits Assortment

6PC Spade Bit Set

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Six commonly used high-performance wood spade bits, Max Life corner that preserves nail life, the Extreme Speed Channel for efficient chip removal, and a 1/4-inch ball groove shank for quick bit changes.

These are very high-quality bits at a good price, come in a nice vinyl pouch which is nice for keeping them organized. They bore splinter free, fast and smooth.

Bits have the nice hex shank, would also chuck into impact drill driver. You can get a perfectly flat bottom with no tear out of the material there are also no burning which you have with dulled cheaper bits. The generic brands may be cheaper, but the quality is not there and you’ll regret wasting your money.

Black & Decker 71-536 Wood Spade Bits
Best Spade Bits by Black & Decker 71-536 1/4-Inch to 1-1/2-Inch Assortment, 13-Piece

 Includes (1) 1/4”, (1) 5/16”, (1) 3/8”, (1) 1/2”, (1) 9/16”, (1) 5/8”, (1) 3/4”, (1) 7/8”, (1) 1”, (1) 1-1/8”, (1) 1-1/4”, (1) 1-3/8”, (1) 1-1/2”, (1)

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13-piece wood spade bits assortment is ideal for drilling in wood, includes a convenient, soft storage case.

Roll-up case that can be fastened with a velcro strap. Spade bits, by their nature, are for rough boring. Dry dimensional lumber drills perfectly. It is ready to go for those small home projects or larger jobs.

Quality is not the best, but for the price they are a very good deal. Spade Drill Bits are very easy to keep sharp with a file, so unless your force (burn) them they will last quite a while.

IRWIN best spade bits
IRWIN Tools Speedbor Max Speed Bit Set, 3-Piece (3041003)

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Includes an IRWIN Pro Set Case made of durable molded ABS resin. Case includes a full-length metal hinge pin for maximum durability and long life, and bit identification is simple with easy-to-read size markings.

The bits are quite sharp out of the box. The hinged plastic case that came with these bits is decent enough.

These bits make holes quickly and cleanly. Good quality, sharp spade blades, the ends are hexagon shaped to prevent reduce slippage. Bits will not stay sharp or last that long with regular use, however, the price is low enough that they can be individually replaced as needed. Quick release shanks are nice to use with a small impact driver.

4 thoughts on “Wood Spade Bits Comparison Table”

  1. I use Black & Decker 71-536.
    They work well and are not so expensive as Bosch or other premium ones.
    I’ve used many brands in my job, and I know that all brands are done as soon as you hit a nail while drilling.
    So I go for the B&D, they are good at both quality and price

    1. I agree, and they are very easy to sharp with a file, they will last quite a while unless you burn them.
      PS: Even Bosh die when you hit nails with them. This is why I use Black & Decker too.

  2. I’ve taken Bosch Daredevil to hell and back and they still work like nothing. The best part of them is the corkscrew tip. The tip pulls it through the wood with no need to pres on your drill. Five seconds – and you get through a 2×4 with no effort.

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