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I am Filipp, mechatronics engineer and author of the site. My hobbies are machines and DIY projects. BestDrillBit.com grew from small occasional conversations I had about drill bits with my friends and colleagues. Everyone has different views, opinions, and experiences. Our talks lead me to research the market, my own experience, and share information. Most of my friends choose bits occasional or by recommendations by family members or friends.

We do not sell bits or any equipment nor are we in any way related to any particular producing company.

Our aim is to help you choose the right tool and guide you to get the best price in the market.
Hope you find your right drill bits with us!

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  • Drill Bit Sizes Inch and Decimal
    Drill bits can be made in any size, but standards define sets of sizes that are widely produced and stocked. In the U.S., fractional inch and gauge drill bit sizes are in common use. (<a href="https://bestdrillbit.com/twist-drill-bits/best-quality-dr...
  • cobalt vs carbide drill bits
    Cobalt vs Carbide drill Bits: Which are Better and What is the Difference?
    Drilling through tough metal is a hard task for the bit, and you need to use appropriate tool to work with tough material. We often hear advices about using solid carbide drill bits for stainless steel, someone e...
  • Step drill bit sharpening
    Even if you use best unibit (step drill bit), it will dull with use, so for best results, the tip and flute should be sharpened periodically. Freehand Step Drill Bit Sharpening I...
  • Drill bit Length Chart
    Drill bit Length Chart The table shows the sizes of straight shank drills. In the United States, three different systems for designating twist drill sizes are used: letters (Morse gauge) fractional inches millimeters numbers, with higher numbers repr...

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