Lip and Spur Drill Bits Comparison Chart

For large diameters see also our best Forstner bits review.


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Lip & Spur Drill Bit Set - For All Wood byCablefinder

7 Piece 4mm-16mm Lip & Spur Drill Bit Set – For All Wood by Cablefinder

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Precision ground bits with single center point and twin outer cutting spurs. Centre point enables the drill bit to be positioned exactly on a pre-marked spot before drilling commences, ensuring there is no walk.

For timbers and man-made woods.

These are straight, sharp and well made. Work fine, stay sharp for a long time (but don’t overheat them). Never had a bad experience with Cablefinder.

Hilka 49904003
Hilka 49904003 Long Wood Boring Lip and Spur Drill Bits Set by Hilka

One drill bit of each size 6, 8 and 10 mm

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Ideal for use with electric drills. Precision ground drill bits. Lip and spur type. The wood drill bit is 300 mm long

Great quality set. Bits work well for drilling holes in wood.

Be accurate, bits are long, you can bent or even break them. Especially the 6mm one.

STEELEX PLUS D4519 HSS Brad Point Bit, 11/32"
STEELEX PLUS D4519 HSS Brad Point Bit, 11/32″

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For the ultimate in durability and selection, look no further than these STEELEX PLUS High Speed Steel (HSS) Brad Point Bits. HSS assures that they will stay sharp far longer than ordinary carbon steel.

Steelex has proved to be a very tough brand as well as “clean cutting action” even in very hard species such as Hickory, Bloodwood, Padauk, Purple Heart and many more.

Silverline Lip & Spur Drill Bit Set
Silverline 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10mm 5 Piece Lip & Spur Drill Bit Set

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Low quality cheap drills. Bits dull quickly, bent, finish on the cutting edge is far from perfect.

For cases, when you more likely to loose them than wear them out.

Cutting length varies by 5mm over the 10 drill bits, diameter – 0.1-0.2mm. These bits are for drilling holes in wood. For the “don’t care about accuracy” cases.