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Best Tool Belt Suspenders Buying Guide – Top Suspenders Reviews

Even the best tool belt suspenders are pretty cheap and I think you will do yourself a great favor if you buy them. I often see my colleagues with, for example, occidental framers, who constantly either hitching the belt up or tight it too much. So the suspenders are a very convenient thing and in this post I will share my thoughts on this topic.

Why do you need them

Everyone can wear a nearly empty tool belt, but after adding a few bulky tools and a box of screws, it becomes uncomfortable. Sooner or later you’ll get to the point where your hips begin to ache while walking because the rig is slung so low.

Furthermore, some time ago I read in the NEJoM that tight belts and pants can really do some damage to your body over time. In my experience, buying work pants one size larger and using suspenders reduces the fatigue and helps to work with more comfort. My leg pain went away once I started wearing the belt and although It took a while to get used to suspenders, now I don’t even notice them anymore.

Best Leather Tool Belt Suspenders

The leather suspenders weighs more, but they are much more tough and reliable. They also may cost more but if you use your belt more often than any other tool, it is a good investment.

leather tool belt suspenders
Occidental 5009 Leather Tool Belt Suspenders

The leather breathes (and I love the smell) better than nylon, wide nylon belt and suspenders leave a wide sweat stain around my waist and back. They can get a little tight in small closets but when you’ll become used to them, you’ll be able to slide through a 2-0 door without an issue. The pouch with the phone attached to the suspenders is really handy, and gives an extra.

Leather is the way to go for sure. Most known leather suspenders are the Occidentals, and they are just super heavy duty ones. Of course, you can find a different brand, but the Oxy quality is one of the best.

Occidental 5009 suspenders will fit any big dude, but still they are highly adjustable. If you are not so tall, all you need is make additional holes in the straps. The shoulder pads are wide and comfortable. The leather is good quality and made for actual work. The only downside is that in the first months they get the shirts dirty, especially in summer. Nevertheless, just buy the Oxy and you will never regret it!

Dewalt tool belt suspenders

Dewalt tool belt suspenders
Dewalt Tool Belt Suspenders – DG5132 Tool Apron With Padded Shoulders

Dewalt tool belt suspenders are more comfortable than the normal ones from not so known brand. They are also nice because of the built in cell phone pocket

The suspenders are 2.5 times cheaper than Oxys and much lighter and softer. Instead the loops it has wide velcro wrap around the belt. In this way you can also use them to support your loose pants by looping the straps tool and pants belts. The velcros won’t rust, and the padded shoulder straps are comfortable for long wear doing hard work.

Dewalts are not as heavy as Oxys. These are actually medium to light suspenders for users with lightweight rigs. The product won’t last as long as leather models, but it can be ideal for occasional DIY use.

Milwaukee tool belt suspenders

Milwaukee tool belt suspenders
Milwaukee tool belt suspenders – 48-22-8145 Padded Rig

Milwaukee padded rig is a nylon product, a little more expensive than Dewalt. The suspenders come in two sides: 48-22-8145, regular, fits users up to 6’2″ (in fact, up to 5’8″); and 48-22-8146, XL, fits users up to 6’8″.

The phone holder is very small and can’t be used with modern smartphone. Belt clasps are made of metal and decently constructed. They holds a heavy tool belt very well and it doesn’t slide off. The suspenders are durable, very comfortable on the shoulders and the overall quality is good.

The only (but serious) con is the size. The rig is not designed for taller folks. Regular size is too short for 6’2″, the rear straps are a bit short. If you are 5’8″ or taller, choose XL size.

Overall, if you choose the right size, the Milwaukee is a good product. It is durable and convenient, made of 1680 Denier Nylon and all metal hardware. Good choice for those who look for soft and lightweight suspenders.

Occidental tool belt suspenders

Oxy tool belt suspenders are one of the most trustworthy products, they are heavy-duty, reliable and look great, but they are pricey. And not all local stores carry them so you could really try them on.

In my practice, everyone who bought Occidental leather products notes their high quality and reliability. Most guys love them.

Occidental tool belt suspenders
Best Occidental Tool belt suspenders – 5055 Stronghold Suspension System

Occidental Leather 5055 Stronghold  suspenders are one of the best products by the brand. These suspenders look good and will easily last more than 5 years of everyday use.  Of course, they work the best with Oxy belt. The loops on it are made of steel and the hooks on the suspenders are die cast zinc.

Occidental suspenders are comfortable and really help wearing a heavy belt all day. The leather, nylon, hardware and padding are all high quality and durable. The straps and cushions distribute the weight very evenly between the shoulders and hips so when raising your arms, you didn’t feel any any discomfort on the shoulders.

Once again, suspenders come with amazing customer service. If after several years tough use the metal clips will worn enough to broke, the company will send you new clips with rivets for free.

If you look for product that will need your professional everyday needs, buy Occidental and you’ll see why they it is so popular.


My friends say they use suspenders because their butts are too small. I have plenty of butt, but I also have plenty of belly, too 🙂

So for me, having the tool belt suspenders are no-brainer, they keep the belt up where I want it. The only downside I see is that if one bag has a heavy tool in it, the suspender strap just pulls down and the other side lifts up. But again, this is MUCH better than a slipping belt.

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