What is the best screwdriver bit set in 2021?

The question about best screwdriver bit set comes to most of masters after killing a few screws due to the use of too-soft and low-quality bits. Of course, everyone likes to avoid that. It’s not a lot of fun to rectify. Screwdriver bits are an essential part of your toolkit and we’ll help you to find best screwdriver drill bit set for your projects.

Common types and best drill screwdriver bit set in each category

With the screwdriver bits set you are covered for a lot of projects. And although modern tools are designed to ensure durability, you can’t expect any tool to last forever. Of course, you want to find best drill screwdriver bits capable of work with high torque and resist wear as long as possible, and we’ll help.

Common screwdriver bits designs

Before choosing the best drill screwdriver bit set, it’s a good idea to decide which type you need.

All the bits have 1/4″ hex shank, and fit into a drill with any chuck, including hex drive.

Insert bits have the shortest shank, they are the cheapest and are designed to easily clip into a magnetic bit holder.

DeWalt is moderately priced company that makes relatively inexpensive bits that are good for most applications. I remember watching my friend go through like 8 different Philips bits while we built a porch together. And I started the word with a deWalt bit and at the end of the day the same bit still were in acceptable condition. So my choice is obvious.

best drill screwdriver bit set
Great deWalt set that has everything you need. It also includes sockets connector for your wrench set – Check Amazon price

Power bits are convenient to use with a power drill, they are of longer length and cost are a little higher.

Black & Decker bits are another great example of ideal starter bit set. Pretty good quality and more than enough sizes for home use. Highly recommended, especially for the price!

best screw bits for drill
15-Piece BLACK&DECKER Power Bits Set

Double ended bits have a screwdriver tip on each end and potentially give the bit a second life at less than double the cost. But they won’t fit into a 1/4″ hex drive chuck.

best screw bits
As always – deWalt comes with reasonable price and quality enough to last a while. Double ended Set, #2 Phillips / No. 8 Slotted Bits, 6-Pack

You can also find the bits with the hardened tip which is pressed into the hex shaft. The others have the hex bit that “curves” down to the needed square tip. Personally I’ve found the bits with the hardened tip lasting much longer than the others.

Most common tip types

Phillips bits are the most common type and for the most popular type of a screw. The bits look like a cross, and come in a range of sizes – #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3 and #4. The most common is #2.

My choice here is Bosch power bits. They are hard, seem very well tempered, fit the slots very well and don’t slip at all. They even grip on the cheap screws. With this bits I’ve made with hundreds of screws on one bit! Bosch screwdriver bits are adequately priced and good enough for a home run.

what is the best screwdriver bit set
Most common Phillips bits size is PH2 and this is my answer to the question “What is the best screwdriver bit set”

Pozidrive Bits are an improved Phillips bits with an additional contact points. They decrease the possibility the bit will cam-out and allow to apply greater torque and decreases wear. Main sizes are #1 – #3 and #2 the most common too.

You certainly use them when working Ikea furniture and with Wera bits you’ll avoid the using the wrong type of bit to assemble products. This particular set comes with a magnetic bit holder, the plastic case is handy and reliable.

best screwdriver bit set
You will work much better if you get the screw bit that matches – and this is a best screwdriver bit set for IKEA products

Slotted head screws now are less common, but screwdriver tips are still available. They are not convenient for a power tool as the bit tends to slip out of the head.

Irwin slotted head bits are a little overpriced but I have used them and have been very pleased. They are hollow ground and thin enough to fit into slot head screws nicely. The bits are tough and hard and with occasional use will last almost forever.

best screwdriver drill bit set
The set is very nice to remove old fashioned slotted screws. Good hardened steel and fit my 1/4″ driver perfectly – Check Amazon

Torx Bits have a form of a 6-sided star and resist cam-out much better than previously described bits, and were designed mainly for automatic screw driving machines. Sizes vary from T1 through to T20.

DeWalt are great, they’re under $10.00 priced and just get the job done. Both a bit driver cordless drill with adapter – no issues with quality like others. There are not breakage of the bits, and stripping of drive head. Performs well and fit good. The only drawback is the difficulty in removing the tool from the bit holder.

best screwdriver bits
7-Piece DEWALT Torx Bit Set – nice quality and affordable price

You can also meet other types such as square recess bits, nutsetters, drywall bits, torq bits, tri-Wing Bits, etc, but they are less common

Best screwdriver bits in the world

Honestly I don’t see what the problem is. I have about 20 sets of screwdriver bits and it is the tool that I almost can not pass up when it goes on sale. Over the years I’ve combined the best and most useful screwdriver bits in my own best in the world screwdrivers bit set. I should admit, about 75% of them are deWalts. In my practice the deWalts usually fit like a glove and almost never strip.

best screwdriver bits in the world
Good start to make your own best screwdriver bits in the world – DeWalt 40 Piece Impact Ready Screwdriving Set


Even with the best screwdriver bits in the world you have to match right bit to the screw and that means to use a pozidrive bit for a pozidrive head screw and of course a tapered square bit for a Robertson. Nothing will save the bit and screw from premature failure if the head does not match the bit.



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