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SE 82331TF 30-Piece Set of Titanium-Coated Diamond Bits
SE 82331TF 30-Piece Set of Titanium-Coated Diamond Bits (Burrs), Grits 120-150

Assorted shapes and sizes include: ball, cone, rounded cylinder, flat top cylinder, tapered & needle point

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All burrs with a 1/8″ shank

Titanium-coated burrs with a diamond coating – are a versatile set for numerous projects with Grits 120-150 – for jewelers, lapidary use, hobbies, crafts, craft modeling, home repair and so much more.

There are a lot of burrs in a set, has lots of useful shapes, covers all you could need. Packed very to be able to see just what one you need at the time.

Price for a whole set is rather low, but the quality is amazing. It’s a great deal.

They cut wood, glass, rocks, steel, gold, and silver, carve perfect little details

The burrs are fairly sturdy. If grinding and shaping long time remember to keep moist with water or lubricant. Otherwise, you rip off the diamond surface (did this, not thinking). Some of the finer bits break easily, but the rest do the job.

Pro-Quality 20-Piece Diamond Burr Set for Rotary Tool - Glass, Stone, Ceramic
Pro-Quality 20-Piece Diamond Burr Set for Rotary Tool – Glass, Stone, Ceramic

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1/8 in. Shank, 180 Grit. Includes 20 assorted shapes covered with diamond particles.

This set costs less than one high-quality diamond bit, but a high-quality diamond bit will last for perhaps three holes more than these. The bits did the job for which they were purchased.

This set has every bit for any project you could think of and the power to handle almost any material. It is definitely worth the money. Works great on glass, metal, and stone.

Probably the description of “pro quality” is not for this set of bits, but about at this price, one works very fine. If you are not satisfied with the longevity of the these bits, just buy two or more sets and you still will come out ahead of the cost you would pay at other retail tool suppliers for similar items.

Four amateurs it is the best. Guys who is less than an authority on heat and its effect upon diamonds and the adhesive materials used in their bonding process required to result in a high speed tool bits used at speeds exceeding 25,000 rpm, I do not believe a better value can be found.

SE 8230DD60 30-Piece Set of Assorted Diamond Burrs, 600 Grit
SE 8230DD60 30-Piece Set of Assorted Diamond Burrs, 600 Grit

Assorted Mixed 1mm 2mm 3mm 10 ea – 1/8 shank

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Fits drills, flex shafts and dremels, used by Jewelry Designers for drilling clean holes.
Drills Beach Sea Glass, Sea Shells, Rocks, Marbles, etc.
Wet drilling only. These are delicate, very small diameter diamond drill bits. The diamond coating is very thin. Can’t take any abuse.
These do fine for drilling out existing small holes in stone but walk to much when starting holes. Better use a small round diamond coated burr to start holes and then finished with these bits.
You’ll drill more holes for the money, because you get so many bits, but they are not of Dremel quality.
High speed tool like works best, you need to keep the hole you’re cutting constantly bathed in water (only the burr, not the whole tool:), use minimal pressure on the drill, just enough to let the diamond abrasive grind away the material, and the hole will be cut fastest.
12pc Ball Sphere Diamond Burr Grinding Bits 0.5 to 6mm Fits Dremel
12pc Ball Sphere Diamond Burr Grinding Bits 0.5 to 6mm Fits Dremel

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For the price, set proven to be the most cost effective tools. The different sizes allow fine detail and they hold up well under this harsh use. Get This diamond coated burr bits to engrave ALL types of metal, glass and stone.
Great to engrave glass, the lines are beautiful and without ruffled edges that other grinders leave.
Anytime Tools 5/32" Diamond Chainsaw Sharpener Burr
Anytime Tools 5/32″ Diamond Chainsaw Sharpener Burr 1/8″ Shank, 4 Pack

Quantity: 4 Burrs
Burr Grit: 120-150

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Burrs work much better than the stone type because they don’t loose their shape like the stones nor clog up as fast or bad, don’t wobble or chatter. Diamond coating on those is excellent, It maintains its size and does not chip or crack. Burrs sharpen noticeably faster than the regular stone. The diamonds are embedded into the metal on these burrs. You can sharpen a chain in about the same time it takes to change a chain. You will always have a sharp chain. With a rare usage of the chainsaw, this might be the lifetime supply.

Important thing to remember is to not run your tool anymore than half speed. If run fast the bits seem to heat up and turn hot enough to throw the diamonds off basically ruining the bit.

Try these burrs, you’ll love them!

MTP Tm 60 Pcs Diamond Burr Bits
MTP Tm 60 Pcs Diamond Burr Bits Drill Glass Gemstone Metal for Dremel Craftsman Rotary Tool 1/8″ Shanks w/ Box Tip

MTP TM  come with 3 boxes

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1/8″ shanks good for most rotary tool such as Dremel, Craftsman, B&D and more
Medium grits perfect for carving, sanding, etching and more. Work on glass, metal, stone, ceramic, wood, plastic. Storage case w/ cover
This is three sets of the exact same bits, very miniature tools for making fine cuts. Many good bits for a very reasonable price. The cylindrical bits work great for grinding details in glass, like very tight concavities that wouldn’t be possible with a standard grinder. The spherical burrs are also great for drilling holes in glass. Conical tips should work just fine for etching/engraving.
Be careful to not overheat them. These work best if grind while it is submerged in water. You can use a flex shaft so that the water doesn’t interfere with the rotary tool, and to remove any risk of electric shock.
10 Diamond Burs Lapidary Rock Grinding Tool fits Dremel
10 Diamond Burs Lapidary Rock Grinding Tool fits Dremel

150 grit

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This burr set allows you to shape, grind and finish with precision. Great for filing glass, ceramics, tile, brick, plastics, wood, fiberglass, stone, rock carbide, gold, platinum, silver, metals or else.

Use water for lubricant All have a 1/8″ (3 mm) shank.

Good value, case is lacking in design. Burrs work very well, removing tough material quickly and precise, great for fine detail work where smoothness matters. For the small projects, this inexpensive set fit the bill and is very recommended.

Nice set of burrs, can be used for many things.

Diamond Burr Bits Review Table
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Diamond Burr Bits Review Table
Burrs work on stone, tile and glass, they don't loose their shape nor clog up, don't wobble or chatter. Diamond coating maintains its sharpness and size. You can also use burrs to sharpen your tools. They work noticeably faster than the stone. You can sharpen a chain in about the same time it takes to change a it.
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