Best Paring Chisel Set for the Money in 2021

Long paring chisels are tools mainly used for cleaning up the mortises and joints and make them an accurate fit. Although this is an optional tool, it is very handy to have if you work with joinery, and here we will help you to choose the best paring chisel set for the money. Paring chisel … Continue reading “Best Paring Chisel Set for the Money in 2021”

What is the best screwdriver bit set in 2021?

The question about best screwdriver bit set comes to most of masters after killing a few screws due to the use of too-soft and low-quality bits. Of course, everyone likes to avoid that. It’s not a lot of fun to rectify. Screwdriver bits are an essential part of your toolkit and we’ll help you to … Continue reading “What is the best screwdriver bit set in 2021?”

Miter Saw vs Circular Saw: Differences in Design and Blades

Should I buy miter saw or circular saw? That is a frequent question for both beginners and experienced craftsmen, when they decide to create own workshop but can’t purchase all the necessary tools at once. For the novice master the best way is to borrow and try both. But if you read our miter saw … Continue reading “Miter Saw vs Circular Saw: Differences in Design and Blades”

Choosing best nail drill for professional and beginners 2021

Any nail technician spends a lot of working time removing acrylics or gels enhancements. Using electric nail machine makes work easier, faster and also allows you to quickly backfill, shape and clean the nails with a special drill bits. Using high-quality nail drill can save you a lot of time and efforts. The device is … Continue reading “Choosing best nail drill for professional and beginners 2021”

3 Basic Types of Wood Bits

There are three basic types of wood drill bits. Wood drill bits are, obviously, used for drilling wood. Special wood drill bits are required for larger holes to be cut with greater accuracy. The first type of wood drill bit is a lip and spur bit, which are also known as dowel bits. These drill … Continue reading “3 Basic Types of Wood Bits”

Sizes Explained

You can actually custom order a drill bit to any size, but most drill bits – the actual cutting part on the end of the drill – are manufactured to standard sizes. In the United States, fractional inch sizes are still used; in most other parts of the world, metric bit sizes are normally used. … Continue reading “Sizes Explained”

Drill Bits for Plastic

Plastic drill bits were designed to deal with such materials as Plexiglas® and Acrylite® along with other plastics. It’s entirely possible that by looking at the title of this article you may be inclined to think that a new drill bit has been developed using plastic as the primary component of construction. However, when referring … Continue reading “Drill Bits for Plastic”

Tools and Bits to Drill Holes in Concrete?

If you have ever tried to drill holes in concrete using a regular drill and a high-speed steel drill bit, you know that it is a useless exercise. High-speed drill bits are perfect for drilling through wood, which is fibrous—the best way to make a hole in wood is to cut or slice your way … Continue reading “Tools and Bits to Drill Holes in Concrete?”

When to Pre-Drill

Ask twenty do-it-yourselfers how important pre-drilling is, chances are you’ll get at least ten different answers. So, is pre-drilling necessary or just an added step almost never needed? That depends on many factors. You need to pre-drill if: You are using green wood. If the piece of wood you are drilling is heavy for it’s … Continue reading “When to Pre-Drill”

What Every Woman Should Know About Drill Bits

Some simple tips to know for women (and men) that aren’t inclined to do it yourself projects or repairs. Today’s take-charge, career-oriented woman juggles family and job responsibilities with ease and looks great doing it – but when it comes to simple home repairs or rummaging through the tool chest, she may find herself baffled … Continue reading “What Every Woman Should Know About Drill Bits”