Woodstock Drill Gauge Set

Woodstock D4141 Drill-Gauge Set, 3-Piece

If you are sick of going to get a 5mm drill and find something that looks like 5mm but not sure if it’s a 4.5mm or a 5.5mm nevermind a 4 or 6, Drill-Gauge Set is for you.

Woodstock D4141 isn’t high precision gauge, some small indexes are wrong. It is difficult to separate fractional and wire size drill bits that are only a few thousandths of an inch different in diameter. For better precision, you can use more expensive Irwin gauge

But gauges are made of non-cheap metal, very durable, and accuracy for medium and big diameter bits is good enough. If you use it for your DIY projects and don’t need ridiculously tight tolerances, it is your choice.

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Woodstock D4141 Drill-Gauge Set, 3-Piece
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