Organizing and Storing

Ever started a small repair job or a large home improvement project only to find you have all your drill bits except the size you need?

Fed up with disorganization that comes from broken plastic cases drill bits are sold in? Here’s a great way to make a drill bit case perfect for any size collection, any size bits.

Short Bits

If your drill bits are less than 4 inches tall, or if your collection is large enough to be separated into large & small, pick up a lunch box from a discount or thrift store, or shop around at yard sales for one. You can paint the outside with spray paint if you don’t like the Barbie decals, just make sure the latch still works.

Next, cut a piece of wood so that it will fit along the large side of the box, opposite the hinge and latch side. Glue into place with hot glue or silicon glue.

Using each drill bit, drill a hole into the wood, drilling as far into the wood as you can without going through the box. Remove the drill bit from the wood and drill, then insert the smooth edge into the hole you created.

If you find you use a drill bit often and the hole becomes loose, add a little sticky putty, the kind used for tacking items to the wall, into the hole.

Tall Bits

For drill bit collections that are between four inches and 7 inches tall, you’ll still need a lunch box and piece of wood. This time, though, you’ll cut the wood so that it is a little shorter than the height of the lunch box (from hinge to opening).

Glue the wood in place on the lid, not the inside of the box.

Follow the same drill, remove, insert procedure as described above.

Extra Tall Bits

For bits longer than 7 inches tall, you’ll need a larger box such as a cookie or popcorn tin, paint bucket or ammo box. The process for attaching wood and fitting holes for the bits are the same.