Working with Diamond Drill Bits

Diamond drill bits - hole saws
Diamond drill bits – hole saws

The diamond drill bit can be used to cutting holes in the materials like glass, marble, limestone, and slate. Within glass, it can be used to cut the glass jars or stained glass. Diamond drill bit or the diamond core drill bits work great when you need to make holes in the new generation materials like the ceramic tiles or stained glass.

The way it works is that it creates a hole is that the drill bit is actually hollow from the center and hence when you drill it will create a hole which the size of the drill. The size varies from 5/64″ to 4″. The size of the shaft has to be a standard is 3/8? so that it can be used in the drill (see our best diamond hole saw review).

Diamond burr bits
Diamond burr bits

However, if you are looking for some special purpose diamond drill bit, for example, say drilling hole into glass then the diamond drill bit needs to be a bit blunt from the front. The other thing is that they will operate more slowly than the regular diamond core drill bit. The blunt diamond drill bits have diamonds on the tip and on the side whereas in a core drill the diamonds are at the sides since they do not have a tip.

The way the diamonds are attached to the tip is in two ways one is sintered and the other is bonding. In bonding, the diamonds are attached to the drill tip using the electroplating bonding process. The diamond drill bits as a matter of precaution or rather a rule should only be used with very slow drills so that the impact of high drills does not destroy the drill bit or the material. The other important thing to know is that the drill pressure has to be very low too when using the diamond burr bits.

The drill bits for use any drilling need to be hard enough to withstand the enormous of heat generated while drilling and the type of construction material used depends on the kind of material being drilled into (HowStuffWorks). The most common material used for making the drill bits is steel. The type of steel used in the construction can vary based again on the usage of the drill bit. Soft low carbon steels are used as a material when we need to drill a hole into the wood. This is the most common type of drill material and less expensive. The other steels used are the high carbon steels and high speed steels. The major benefit over other type of steels is that these can withstand heat better. The other common type is cobalt steel since it can retain it’s hardness at high temperature.

diamond core drill bit for concrete
Diamond core drill bit for concrete.

The next material which is being used nowadays is the tungsten carbide steel. This material is very hard and can be used in almost all the situations but since it is costly, pieces of it are wither either screwed or brazed on the drill bit. The other material used is PCD or polycrystalline diamond which is very very hard and can be used for almost any type of drilling work, for example, diamond core drill bits for concrete.

The next thing is that is done for the drill bits is coatings. The coatings again are done based on the use of the material being drilled. For the diamond drill bit, the diamond powder is used as an abrasive for cutting stone, tile and other materials. The diamond coated bits generate a large amount of heat and have to be cooled during their use.