Cheap Klutch Masonry Carbide Bit Set for Hammer Drill

Klutch 12-Pc. Masonry Drill Bit Set

Klutch 12-Pc. Masonry Drill Bit Set

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Cheap set for time to time use. Box is cheap too. Buy it if you need to cover all often used sizes. When often used drills will become dull, buy single high-quality ones instead.

Probably, for home use you will never need to do it 🙂


8 Pcs Cheap Carbide Masonry Bit Set

I think, that with carbide tipped drills you really do get what you pay for. Therefore, If you are drilling a lot of holes or very large holes (let us know please) you might be better off renting a rotary hammer.

Drilling in concrete can vary quite significantly. Block will be much softer than poured concrete and the age of the concrete also maters. It keeps curing for decades so old concrete can be insanely hard to drill in to with a hammer drill. The bigger the hole you are trying to drill the harder it gets. If you need to make lots of holes and it’s really becoming too difficult you might be better off renting a rotary hammer. That will punch through with minimal effort.

This set is cheap and works well for a home use. With a hammer drill you usually don’t drill often If you drill hundreds of holes a day, better buy a high-quality one and think about SDS drill, it is MUCH more productive.